Clybourne Park

It is not enough to hold the line against the dark. It is your responsibility to lead into the light. People don’t like the light–it reveals too much. But hand in hand with the creative artist, you can lead people into the wisdom that is known to all other animals: simply, that it is the dark we have to fear. ~ Edward Albee

I love plays that shed light on facets of the human condition that are often kept out of “polite” conversation: funny, savage pieces that engage me viscerally.  Ophelia’s Jump produced Clybourne Park during its first full season.  It remains one of my most  challenging and rewarding directing experiences.  We held audience talk backs after each performance and they would get heated, but the conversation was always thought provocative and respectful.  I think the cast and I all felt we learned something new, made new discoveries at every talk back.

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